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Rose Pillars & Obelisks

Whether described as a rose pillar or obelisk, our galvanized steel columns will offer vertical interest and durability to any garden setting.

Flowers and foliage on black steel columns add variety to your borders, singly or in groups. Place them by paths, doors and gates. Clothe them with roses, wisteria, honeysuckle, clematis, ivies and vines.

In the 1902 design classic, Roses for English Gardens, Gertrude Jekyll writes, A perspective of Rose pillars is a charming feature in a garden, and one of the ways in which their beauty may be best enjoyed. They should be so placed that one can go right up to them and see the Roses at eye level and below it and also against the sky, and smell their sweet scent in perfect comfort as they grow.
Rose Pillars by Agriframes
Price: From $211.50 to $343.75
Rose Pillars by Agriframes
Rose pillars provide an attractive focal point as well as support for climbing plants and vines. Ideally placed near gates, patios and pathways to create fragrant columns. 25% off while supplies last.
Steel Charleston Rose Pillar
Charleston Rose Pillar
Price: From $1,447.00 to $2,435.00
Charleston Rose Pillar
This design principle originates, as the name implies, from the traditional rose city of Charleston, SC, where in 1819 the first Noisette rose hybrids were developed. Measures 7'7" above ground with a 20" diameter.
Series of Obelisk I Rose Pillars
Obelisk I Rose Pillar
Price: From $779.00 to $1,447.00
Obelisk I Rose Pillar
An elegant Rose Pillar to lend height and form even to the smallest of gardens. Placed either singly, in pairs or in groups, this obelisk will create an attractive focal point. Offered in two sizes.
Obelisk II Rose Pillar
Price: $779.00
Obelisk II Rose Pillar
A Rose Pillar that harmonizes particularly well with the elegant blossoms of the clematis and old roses. Measures 6'10" above ground with 14" for securing to ground. Each panel width is 12". Weight 33 lbs.
Rose Pillar Tuteur
Malmaison Rose Pillar
Price: $2,453.00
Malmaison Rose Pillar
The pyramid shaped Rose Pillar Malmasion was named in honor of the very first European rosarium created by Empress Josephine, wife of Napoleon I, at her park in Malmaison near Paris.
Border Tuteurs
Price: From $69.99 to $149.99
Border Tuteurs
Border Tuteurs crafted from solid steel rod and enlivened with dramatic swirls. Ships knocked down, easy assembly - 4 sizes available.
Rose Pillar with Baskets
Baskets for Agriframes Rose Pillars
Price: $49.00
Baskets for Agriframes Rose Pillars
Add three baskets to our Agriframes Rose Pillar and create eye-catching cascades of color.
The use of pillars or columns to support roses (called "pillaring") can be traced back to centuries long past. A pillar is a central post around which the rose's canes are loosely coiled. By coiling the canes, they are made more horizontal than if trained vertically by running up the sides of the column. This technique creates more bud breaks, more new growth, and hence more blooms.

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