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Pamela Crawford's Side Planting Container Gardens

Pamela Crawford's Instant Container Gardens

Garden designer and author Pamela Crawford has simplified side planting as never before. The advantages of side planting are many. In a matter of weeks, instead of months, you get lush, fully covered conatiners and impressive floral displays.

In the past, side planting was time-consuming and hard work, cutting holes in liners or juggling loose moss. Now, with Pamela Crawford's new side planting containers, you can create spectacular plantings in a small fraction of the time it used to take.

You can have a mature container garden in a matter of days!

View Planting Demos here!

border flower columns
Install a planter on top of one of our border columns and achieve spectacular vertical floral displays
Pamela Crawford hanging baskets
Basket planters for use in hanging or on a column
Wall Planters
Wall Planters for use on walls, fences, porch and deck railings
Replacement Liners
Coco Fiber Replacement Liners for Pamela Crawford baskets
Pamela Crawford Instant Container Gardens book
Pamela Crawford's Instant Container Gardens
Price: $19.95
Pamela Crawford's Instant Container Gardens
150 pages in color showing dozens of stunning planting ideas
Easy Container Gardens
Easy Container Gardens
Price: $19.95
Easy Container Gardens
Pamela Crawford's "Easy Container Gardens" contains 172 color pages of easy-to-grow plants in spectacular containers.
Living Walls by Pamela Crawford
Price: From $38.99 to $155.96
Living Walls by Pamela Crawford
Living Walls by Pamela Crawford. A side planting system using replaceable coco liners. 14" square planters can be grouped together to create dramatic displays. Simple and affordable.
Colorful Trellises for Trugs
Price: $26.99
Colorful Trellises for Trugs
Colorful Trugs & Trellises combine to make spectacular veggie plantings. Trellises stand 4 feet tall and measure 24-1/2" wide.

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