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Gardening Articles

About Plants

Aurinia saxatilis - Basket of Gold
Cannas - Taking the Heat and Loving It!
Carex - a Carefree and Colorful World
Dwarf Conifers & Ornamental Grasses
Climbing Roses
Heaths & Heathers - Winter Gems
Korean Spice
Monarda didyma - Bee Balm
Ornamental Kale in the Fall Garden
Perennial Geraniums
Rosemary - Honoring the Memory
Sweet Scent of Lemon
Topiary Plant Listings


Design Ideas

Arches, Gazebos & Pergolas in your Garden Design
Create a Spectacular Floral Display with your Hayrack
Creating the Desired Mood for your Outdoor Room
Creating Walls of Color and Ceilings of Scent
Choosing a Garden Planter
Drip Irrigation
Edible Designs: Fruits in the Landscape
Landscaping for Conservation
Native Trees for Fall Color
Planning an Herb Garden
Planning an Outdoor Room
Landscape Lighting


Garden Travels

A Trip to the Biltmore


General Gardening

Bulbs for Spring & Summer Color
Collecting Seeds - Fun for the Whole Family!
Creating a Raised Garden Bed
Germinating Seeds & Seedling Care
Harvest Time
How to Make and Care for a Living Wreath
What Mulch Can Do For You
Plant Dormancy - a brief Respite
Plantskydd - for Wildlife with the Munchies
Pruning Evergreen Shrubs
Pruning Grapevines
Stressors that Affect our Plants
The Art of Cut Flowers
Water Gardening


Organic Gardening

Companion Planting
Vegetable Gardens
Harvesting Herbs


Product Info

Galvanized versus Non-galvanized Structures


Wildlife & Birds

Attracting Wildbirds
Bird Psychology - Bird "Facts" - Truth or Myth
Butterfly Gardenings - Tips & Plant Listing
Foods Birds Prefer
Control Garden Pests with Birds
Nectar Recipe & Hummingbird Feeder Maintenance
Regional Plant Guide to Attract Hummingbirds
The Hummers are Coming!



Community Gardens
Growing Together: Houseplants & Pets, Pet Friendly Indoor Plants
House Plant Survival Guide
Miniature Gardens
Planning an Outdoor Wedding


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