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Fruit Bird Feeder with Ceramic Bird           AG-87101
Fruit Bird Feeder with Ceramic Bird
Fruit Bird Feeders will help you to attract many different types of birds to your backyard feeding stations.
Price: $12.99

Detailed Description

Adding fruit feeders to your backyard can attract many fruit eating birds that might not otherwise come to feeders.

Fruit Eating Birds

Birds that like to eat orange halves:

Eastern Birds

Red-bellied Woodpeckers
Northern Mockingbirds
Brown Thrashers
Orchard Orioles
Baltimore Orioles
Scarlet Tanagers
Gray Catbirds
Rose-breasted Grosbeaks

Western Birds

Hooded orioles
Bullocks orioles
Gray Catbirds
Western Tanagers

Birds that like to eat apple halves:

Sedge Wren
Bunting birds
Northern Cardinal
Yellow Grosbeak
Carolina Wren
Lark Sparrow
Western Spindalis
Bohemian Waxwing
Common Rosefinch

This is a small listing of the birds you can attract with fruit bird feeders. Many, many birds are attracted to fresh fruit.

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