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Brass Armillary Sundial Garden Decor

Brass Armillary Sundial           R-1336
Brass Armillary Sundial
Solid brass with verdigris highlights
Price: $339.99

Detailed Description

Our brass armillary sundial makes a great garden accent. Modeled after the armillary sphere, an ancient astronomical instrument. A true armillary is a spherical model of the universe and consists of a number of graduated brass rings representing the chief celestial circles, such as the meridian, equator, and the tropics. Armillary spheres were probably invented about 255 bc and were used until the 17th century.


Overall height - 18"
Time band - 18"
Arrow length - 23"
Base diameter - 6-1/2"

Works with pedestals: B18, B19 and B26.

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