Garden Structures
Arches, Trellises, Gazebos, Pergolas and Rose Pillars
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Garden structures such as arches, trellises, gazebos and pergolas separate the exquisite garden from the mundane. To elevate your garden from a collection of plants to a distinctive enclave of tranquility that echoes mood, purpose, absence of time, and heightened meaning, consider not only what is planted in it, but how your garden is shaped.

Garden structures can range from simple to extravagant but above all, they define the lines along which your garden will integrate your home with the outside world and help you to create a framework on which your garden will grow.

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Garden Arbors & Arches

Garden Arch
Garden Arches
  • Arches allow gardeners to place a classic architectural shape as an entry structure that invites and entices people into their own garden paradise.
  • Garden arches form romantic and fragrant gateways from one part of your garden to another.
  • Add vertical interest to your garden
  • Provide support for vines and allow you to bring fragrant plants closer for sensory perception
Classic Garden Elements Arch
Classic Garden Elements Garden Arch
  • Classic Garden Elements® offers unsurpassed German craftsmanship
  • Structures are manufactured to the highest possible quality at their own forge
  • Heavy steel bands and steel tubing are welded together and subsequently galvanized by hot-dip at 860 F. Such galvanization is also effected in the rust-prone welded areas and inside the tubing
  • Powder coated at 392 F. At that temperature the color and the sand-brushed galvanized surface fuse to create an extremely weather resistant surface
  • Very little assembly required, if any
Agriframes Garden Arches
Agriframes Garden Arch
  • Agriframes top-quality British made "Metal Structures" for the garden
  • All structures are manufactured in galvanized round steel tubing and coated with a black polyester coating
  • Fruit tree arch pictured; Monet, Gothic, York and Wall available
  • Once assembled structures incur low maintenance and will last for years
  • All structures shipped as components and must be assembled

Creating Walls of Color and Ceilings of Scent for your Outside Rooms

Garden Trellises - Wall and Free-standing

Free-standing Garden Trellis
Free-standing Garden Trellis
  • Manufactured by Classic Garden Elements®
  • Crafted from galvanized steel and powder coated
  • Free-standing trellises that will not be pulled over or knocked down
  • Place anywhere you like to obtain vertical growing points
  • Support the vertical growth of your favorite climbing plants
Garden Wall Trellises
Wall Trellises
  • Manufactured by Classic Garden Elements®
  • Crafted from galvanized steel and powder coated
  • Wall trellises offered in many widths and heights: wide wall trellises, narrow and trellis combos
  • Use as screens, ceilings, walls


Gothic Gazebo
Gothic Gazebo
  • Manufactured by Agriframes in the UK
  • Gothic Gazebos work well with many different architectural styles including but not limited to: Gothic Revival, Victorian, Romanesque, Renaissance Revival, Federal and Adam House styles
  • Gazebos create a dramatic structure and focal point to any garden
  • Ideally situated to join paths, frame a statue, fountain or other garden feature
  • Four-opening design provides entry from many angles
  • Perfect to frame a wedding party
Round Gazebo
York Gazebo
  • The rounded top or York Gazebo blends with most any architectural style
  • Perfect placed over walkways
  • Four-opening design provides entry from many angles
  • Crafted from galvanized tubular steel

Bowers - Enclosed Arbors

Enclosed Arbor
Enclosed Arbor
  • Manufactured by Classic Garden Elements®
  • Bowers provide an intimate alcove for chairs, benches, statuary or other objects of beauty
  • Ideally placed in a corner or against a wall, hedge or fence
  • Provides a sheltered area from the elements

Obelisks & Rose Pillars

Rose Pillars
Rose Pillars
  • Manufactured by Agriframes in the UK
  • For small gardens Obelisks are a gift from heaven. They enchant with the least required space and add a fragrant dimension.
  • Place either singly, in pairs or in groups
  • Flowers and foliage on black steel columns add variety to your borders
  • Place them by paths, doors and gates bringing color and scent to your senses
Classic Garden Elements
  • Manufactured in Germany by Classic Garden Elements®
  • Crafted from hot-dip galvanized steel and powder coated
  • Unique styling - large obelisks - superb craftsmanship
  • Garden and Park sizes available


Monet Pergola
  • Manufactured by Agriframes in the UK
  • Pergolas form tunnels and fragrant gateways from one part of your garden to another.
  • Available in four styles: Monet, Gothic, York and Wall
  • Range availability: Classic, Classic Extra and Landscape
  • Available in widths from 4 ft. to 10 ft.
  • All pergolas are a special order - allow 8 to 10 weeks for delivery
Gothic Pergola
  • Create a perfumed walkway and enjoy the dappled light and shade given by a well-planted pergola
York Pergola
  • Provide support for climbing roses, vines and other plants to create an opening that draws visual attention through the pergolas and beyond.
Wall Pergola
  • Wall pergolas, as the name implies, attach to a wall on one side and can either be sunk in the ground on the other or using patio feet attached to a deck or patio
  • Allows for creating tunnels along a wall or garage


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