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Garden Artisans, LLC,

Welcomes you to the growing number of garden enthusiasts discovering the distinctive and high-quality handcrafted products offered by our company.

Gardening isn't just a way to turn plain into pretty. It feeds the soul, nourishes our love of nature and urge to create. Our gardens are our own pieces of paradise.

At Garden Artisans, we bring together artists who take pride in their craft and gardeners who appreciate quality craftsmanship and help you create a garden with distinction.

We have tried to make shopping our online catalog as easy a possible. We have several sorting and searching capabilities to help with this process.

  • Search - located on the top right-hand side of the page.
  • Sort by Artist - located on the left. Here you may sort by artist or manufacturer.
  • Sort by Price - a very popular sorting and searching feature. This too is located on the left under "sort by artists." Here every item listed in our online catalog is sorted by price. Great for shopping for gifts!

What our customers have said about us throughout the years...

I love my wrought iron window planter!
I wanted one that would be deeper, hence require less frequent watering. This one does the trick and it looks great.
Definitely adds charm and character to our 1929 colonial mudroom window.
Great, heavy quality construction, and the cocoa mat is thick, so I don't always have dirt on my driveway when I water it.

I was glad, that despite the hurricane, Garden Artisans delivered it so quickly.
I had it in time for my sons's very first day of kindergarten.
I'm looking forward to switching out the plantings, hoping to use it year round, even around Christmas.
Was inspired by the ideas on your website.

Thank you.
I will shop from your site again.
-Satisfied Customer in Rochester, NY (2011)

Was surprised when I found the coco liner at my door late Sat. morning - just 27 hours from order to delivery! It is just the right size for my wire planter.
Thank you for the pleasant conversation regarding this order and providing exactly what your website described. Looks like I will also be getting a small credit on my AMEX!
Kathleen Marks, Midlothian, VA (2010)

The ornaments arrived so very quickly and in absolutely perfect condition! These birds are really beautiful and so wonderfully detailed. The acorn is especially pretty too! I am extremely pleased with your on-line store, your follow-up confirmation e-mails, and very prompt shipping! You really packed these delicate ornaments very carefully. Thank you again! Catherine (2008)

Hi Janet. Just wanted to let you know that the birdbaths arrived in perfect condition and look just simply great. Particularly the larger one (chocolate color) is one of the most attractive birdbaths I've ever seen. The packing was excellent; if all merchants would give packaging as much thought very little would ever arrive damaged. Best regards, Alfred Boeckli (2007)

I just want to thank you for your great service. I believe it only took a week for me to get my order. it was a small order (S hooks) but your swiftness in processing and shipping my order was terrific. Keep up the great work!!! Diana K. Molinari (2007)

Hello! My mother just received her butterfly feeder I send her for mother’s day, and just loves it! I just want to thank you for your prompt and kind service. I look forward to ordering some things for myself this year! Thanks again! Meredith Yocum (2007)

I hesitated to order from you all, because I wasn’t familiar with your establishment, but I have been searching for months for an honest to goodness garden trug.
I ordered one last weekend, along with a couple of other small items, and I wanted to write to let you know what great service I received…my box arrived yesterday, all wrapped in plastic to protect it against the rain---yea FedEx-and I am LOVING my trug.
Quick service, great products, and if the weather cooperates I will be out this weekend getting that trug all dirty.
Thanks so much, Greta McDonough, Owensboro, KY (2007)

Dear Janet Kirkpatrick:
The archway arrived safely Friday, the two packages came together (I had tried tracking but was only told that one had left New Jersey the previous weekend, and the other was just listed as accepted into the system)!
Regardless ....after a dull damp day yesterday, today was sunny and bright, exactly as forecast.
My husband and I, having fortified ourselves with a cup of tea, opened both packages and checked contents. Followed the clear and concise instructions and with very little hassle the archway was in place.
My sister in law and her husband happened to drop by at an opportune moment, and after a bribe of a beer, said brother in law took over the twiddly bits.
Once all was in place - 'lozenges' most handsome - I put my little white lights around the archway with the help of a stepstool of course. ....and about ten minutes ago the timer turned the lights on.
Might need a little tweaking tomorrow, but right now quite splendid. Only downside was that by the time we had finished it was slightly too chilly for that Gin and Tonic.
Not to worry, I am sure there will many a stroll up the garden and under the archway with the requisite beverage in hand over the course of the upcoming season.
I shall send you a photograph once the clematis has scrabled up and over - probably September!
Thank you so much for your help and encouragement. Cheers, Jacky Simmons (2006)

Thank you very very much for the very fast delivery of my order. I have received it and everything looks excellent. It is so gratifying to deal with a company that is as high in quality of service as it is in quality of product. Fred Clement (2005)

I wanted to thank you for all your help in getting our order to us this week. Ø Thank you for immediately taking a pro-active, personal interest in our dilemma – to the point of providing me with your cell phone number. Ø Thank you for the integrity in your product, letting us know what is, and is not, up to your standards. I saw what you were referring to in the smaller liner, but for this job it worked just fine. The two large liners could not have been more perfect. Ø And thank you for your cordial, kind demeanor. Thank you, Janet! Lakescapes Nursery, LTD Paulette Chitwood for Tim Tingler (2005)

I received the two stepping stones today, cloud and rose, and was so excited I wanted to e-mail you and say thank you!!! The stones are prettier than I could imagine and am so anxious to utilize them in my yard as soon as the project is over!! Sincerely, Beth Graham (2004)

How we sell

Garden Artisans sells product retail as well as under three different tiers to the trade. If you are a designer or landscape architect, please register online and give us a call so that we can discuss your discount level. If you are a retail store looking to source products, many of our products are sold wholesale. To view which products we wholesale, please look for the category link "wholesale." You will be further instructed at that link on what is required to purchase wholesale from Garden Artisans.

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