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Lattice Infill           
Lattice Infill
Thickly coated welded steel wire panels add a finishing touch of beauty and elegance as well as providing the necessary climbing points.
Price: From $22.00 to $28.00

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The thickly coated black wire Lattice Infill in a lozenge pattern suits all climbing plants and most styles of arches. Roses and hardstemmed climbers will grow happily over your arch; however, tendrilled climbers like clematis will benefit from the "climbing points" on the infill allowing them to grow a dense cover over the arch.

    Item # 70992 - 4 x 3 cells measuring 17-1/2" wide x 39-1/2" high
    Item # 70998 - 5 x 3 cells measuring 17-1/2" wide x 49-1/2" high
    Item # 70903 - 4 x 4 cells measuring 23" wide x 39-1/2" high
    Item # 70999 - 5 x 4 cells measuring 23" wide x 49-1/2" high
    Item # 70996 - 4 x 5 cells measuring 29" wide x 39-1/2" high
    Item # 70995 - 3 x 5 cells measuring 29" wide x 29-1/2" high

Please search for Lattice pack kits for specific structures.

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